updated at 03:32pm on 04/12/2023

by Anonymous

Great Service

Got an appointment after using nhs111 service over weekend. Saw Doctor(can’t remember name) on time , quick check up ,ask to go to a&e with letter from Doctor about my condition ,then hospital took over care.Thank you from a very satisfied and relieved patient.

Visited in October 2023, Posted on 04 December 2023

by Anonymous

Exceptional experienced GP

My cic became unwell suddenly and I was delighted about the way an experienced GP and his outstanding team looked after her.
This GP was highly professional and exceptional, user friendly with this child. This GP gave a full examination and diagnosed an ear infection. Thank you for being so good at what you do a great doctor with exemplary expertise a legend in the NHS.

Visited in March 2023, Posted on 04 December 2023

by Anonymous

Thank you

I recently had a turn at work & needed to see a GP urgently that day. I walked into the surgery when it opened in the afternoon & got an appointment for later that day. I was seen by a lovely Dr who assessed me & referred me. I received a call the following day asking to come back that afternoon as my referral had been rejected. I was checked over again by a different Dr who also felt it necessary for the referral. The Dr called MMH whilst I was there & pushed for me to be seen. She got me an appointment for the following day at 9am & rightly so as I had suffered a mini stroke. I am now on the appropriate medication. I cannot thank them enough for being so vigilant with my health & looking after me.

Visited in May 2018, Posted on 24 May 2018

by Mark

Great surgery!

I made a phone call to get an appointment, the call was answered within 5 rings! Granted I had to wait 4 days for an appointment but that’s reasonable! I got a text reminder about the appointment which was handy! As life goes on! When I arrived for the appointment I was checked in by friendly staff who seemed professional. My only gripe is the chairs in the waiting area! They could be more comfortable! But fit for purpose! And I waited an extra 10-15 mins past my appointment time to see my GP. Apart from that the bookings are fine, there are no issues at all with this surgery

Visited in March 2018, Posted on 22 March 2018